"Because pro-Israel politicians and establishment American Jewish leaders are more tolerant of antisemitism when it doubles as support for Israel."

I've noticed that this is a tendency on both sides of the Israel-Palestine aisle. I agree with you that American Jews and Jewish leadership are more tolerant of antisemitism when it comes as support for Israel. Certainly I've never see any op eds from Jewish leadership denouncing an anti-Semitic Republican's vote for aid to Israel.

Likewise, though, on the other side of the aisle among the anti-Zionists, of which the author counts himself a member, there is also a considerable amount of tolerance for antisemitism when it doubles as "mere criticism of Israel" and Zionism. Many of the prominent anti-Zionist news sources and web spaces such as Mondoweiss and Electronic Intifada spread anti-Semitic tropes like the one espoused by Donald Trump. In the author's previous article about Zionist vs. anti-Zionist polls, there was at least one anti-Zionist commentator arguing that Jews were not a people. Maybe the author should remove the log from his own eye (and substack) before removing the mote from others.

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Dec 20, 2021·edited Jan 5, 2022

Yes, it's bad when the septuagenarian, disgraced, massively unpopular, twice impeached, historically reviled former President spreads anti-Semitic tropes. It's also bad when the young, celebrated, popular, Rolling Stone lionized, "anti-racist," "progressive," "human rights loving" Ilhan Omar says it. It is also bad when Mondoweiss, Electronic Intifada, mainstream Palestinian and Arab politicians, and anti-Zionists say it. Not that I would expect to hear such condemnations from Peter Beinart directed at that last group.

I think it's interesting that leftists like Beinart always insist on holding Israel to a higher standard than its fascist neighbors like Palestine because Israel is a Western liberal democracy. Yet they don't understand why others don't want to hold Donald Trump to the same standard as the self-proclaimed anti-racist, anti-hate speech, pro-immigrant, pro-tolerance, pro-diversity members of the Democratic Party. Funny how that works.

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A most important piece. I plan to share it. Thank you.

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