Sitemap - 2023 - The Beinart Notebook

Samuel Moyn on the Relationship between Liberalism and Zionism

Have the People Protesting a Palestinian Literary Festival Read Any Palestinian Literature?

Maytal Kowalski on Criticizing Israel in Canada

What Orthodox Jews Can Learn from Mitt Romney’s Faith

Dana El Kurd on Mahmoud Abbas

Mahmoud Abbas’ Antisemitic Outburst

Abdelfattah Abusrour on “Beautiful Resistance”

Why Republicans Fear China More than Democrats

Emmanuel Shahaf and Iyad Rafidi on Federation in Israel-Palestine

Vivek Ramaswamy and the Cunning of Ethnonationalism

Terrell Starr on Reporting in Ukraine and Israel-Palestine

The Return of Zero-Sum Foreign Policy

Benny Morris on the Legacy of 1948

Is This Really the Most Right-Wing Government in Israeli History?

Omer Bartov and Shira Klein on American Jewish Scholars and Israel

Why Would Joe Biden Reward Benjamin Netanyahu and Mohammed Bin Salman?

Ask Me Anything

Can the Movement Against Judicial Overhaul Become a Movement Against Jewish Supremacy?

Loving Jews Whose Views We Hate

Haggai Matar on Israel’s Judicial Overhaul and the Movement Against It

Divided Against Myself in Israel-Palestine

Aparna Gopalan on the Weaponization of Hinduphobia

Jenin and The Logic of Expulsion

Illinois State Representative Abdelnasser Rashid on Surviving a Settler Attack

Using the Language of Anti-Bigotry to Defend Bigotry

Professor Avi Shlaim on the Jews Who Left Iraq

Russia’s Coup Attempt and Ours

Sami Adwan and Daniel Bar-Tal on Palestinian and Israeli Textbooks

What Daniel Ellsberg can teach American Jews about moral courage

Anshel Pfeffer on Bibi, the Ultra-Orthodox and Israel’s Progressive Critics

Trump, The Unpatriotic Hypernationalist

Zohran Mamdani on the Not On Our Dime Act

Antisemitism in the US is Not a Bipartisan Problem

Shay Hazkani on the Myths and Realities of the 1948 Arab-Israeli War

Why Jews Alone Should Not Define Antisemitism

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My Least Convincing Arguments

Eva Borgwardt and Rabbi Jeremy Kalmanofsky on Whether Zionism Can Be Liberal

In America, Jewish Leaders Deny the Nakba. In Israel, They Celebrate It.

Jehad Abusalim on Life in Gaza

A Moment I Can’t Forget

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Sally Abed on whether Israel’s Protest Movement Can Include Palestinians

How the Iraq War Created Tucker Carlson

Bill de Blasio on the Progressive Case for Israel

If It Can Happen Here, It Can Happen There

Aaron David Miller on Joe Biden’s Israel Policy

Barely Anyone in Washington Supports the Two State Solution

There will be no Zoom call this Friday, April 14

There will be no Zoom call this Friday

An Interesting Afternoon in Washington Square Park

Orly Noy and Mairav Zonszein on What Israelis Are Protesting For

The Beauty and Blindness of Israel’s Popular Uprising

Shibley Telhami and Marc Lynch on the One State Reality in Palestine-Israel

Twenty Years After the Iraq War, Washington Hasn’t Learned Much At All

Noor Awad and Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger on Palestinians and Settlers

Israel, Palestine, Israel/Palestine or Israel-Palestine?

Fadi Quran on the Escalating Horror in the West Bank

Purim After Hawara

Eric Alterman on the history of the US debate over Israel

Two Cheers for Biden’s Ukraine Policy

Sayed Kashua on Fauda and the Israeli Entertainment Industry

Jimmy Carter Deserves an Apology Before He Dies

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The Syria-Turkey Earthquake and the Blindness of US Sanctions Policy

Representative Ilhan Omar on US Foreign Policy and Human Rights

Ilhan Omar and the “Compromise of 1954”

Jamil Dakwar on what Israel’s New Government Means for Palestinians

Jewish Solidarity, Palestinian Freedom, and the Violence to Come

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The Politics of Distraction

Yair Rosenberg on Zionism, Antisemitism, and the New Israeli Government

When Zionism and Antisemitism Go Hand in Hand

Ken Roth and Kathryn Sikkink on the Scandal at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government

How Republican Dysfunction Breeds Republican Authoritarianism

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Dylan Saba and Ethan Katz on the controversy at Berkeley Law School

How New is the New Israeli Government?