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No. There are many other morally urgent and intellectually engaging political issues but this one is close to my heart as a Jew.

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But Jews and Israel are totally unrelated right? That's why criticism of Israel is never anti-Semitic?

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This is hilarious. You're Peter freaking Beinart. You've spent your entire career carrying water for *probably* the most anti-Semitic country in the world (or at least top 5). You've downplayed, excused, justified, victim-blamed or ignored Palestine's anti-Semitism for decades. And now you expect us to take you seriously when you condemn Kanye?

Palestine has killed tens of thousands of Jews, and been responsible for the deaths of many more. Kanye has killed exactly zero. So spare me the crocodile tears Beinart. It's pretty clear to me that you only are getting your undies in a bunch about Kanye because he's a Trump supporter. If he was a keffiyeh wearing, PLO flag waving leftist you'd be his biggest fan.

And by the way, Kanye even said himself that he hates "Zionists," not Jews. So case closed right? Haven't Palestinians been saying exactly that for decades as well?

Speaking of which, the reason why "anti-Palestinian racism" isn't talked about is because it doesn't exist in any statistically significant capacity. If you can show me some data indicating it's on the level with anti-Semitism or anti-black racism I'd be willing to be proven wrong, but there aren't, you know that. The only anti-Palestinian racism that is discussed is Palestinians trying to play the race card to silence legitimate criticism of their war crimes, like Diana Buttu does here:


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Disprove? On your Palestine bullshit? I have a lot of work in the next few hours, but YEAH...I sure will. Check back later today.

In the meantime, check out my factual post above...you're on the wrong side of good. The uneducated are some very sad people.

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Hey honey it’s later today. Where did you go?

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Interesting how you label yourself "Anonymous"...generally those who refuse to put a name to their rhetoric, don't actually believe it. But, free speech, right? Your opinion is just that. None of what you post is factual. But, again, free speech?

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Sweetie, some of the greatest works in human history have been written anonymously, from "The One Thousand and One Nights" to "Common Sense" and beyond.

Is there anything in my post you would like to try and disprove?

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I'm NOT your sweetie...an education is actually a GOOD thing. Invest in one!

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"Antisemitism arises as part of a larger stew of bigotries based on a fundamental disrespect for the humanity and equality of a whole range of groups that are seen as threatening White male Christian straight dominance".

In other words, All Bigotries Matter.

If you read Peter, and this paragraph in particular, you would have no idea that anyone other than White male Christians (or people on the side of White male Christians) could ever be anti-Semitic. I suppose Louis Farrakhan's anti-Semitism is based on his disrespect for groups that are threatening to white male Christian dominance. Or maybe Peter doesn't think Louis Farrakhan are anti-Semitic.

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Dec 6, 2022·edited Dec 6, 2022

Up until recently in the West there was little to no taboo against anti-minority bigotry propagated by other minority groups. In terms of social stigma, only that of “white male Christians” mattered because generally speaking they were the ones who had power in society.

But within some African-American political subcultures, especially insular opaque group like NoI and Black Israelites, there have been commonly held wacky-ass views on Jews for decades. When Obama embraced Rev Wright and Trinity United because he saw it as a “quintessentially Black church” he probably wasn’t wrong and Wright’s frequent anti-Semitic sermons probably didn’t sound out of the ordinary to its congregants. Similarly Louis Farrakhan’s comments about “white devils” were laughed off as impotent and irrelevant for 40 years.

I should say, some of the most shocking unapologetically anti-black racist comments I’ve ever heard in my life were uttered by Jews. No filter, no stigma —minority privilege, I guess.

Those views only recently came “out of the closet” as it were as those political subcultures became mainstream or at least more sunlight and scrutiny by broader society was applied more universally. Only now are they getting the broad moral opprobrium they deserve.

Perhaps the explosion of social media and “cheap speech” has allowed more visibility to previously filtered bigotries—including anti-Semitism— that have long existed. Maybe the appearance of broad normalization of bigotries and anti-Semitism is at least somewhat illusory and not as bad as many fear.

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Don’t you get tired about writing about Palestinian rights?

I know it gave you a presence in progressive New York City social gatherings, but only you and some college students fixate on the Palestinians.

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1. Trump hosting Ye and Fuentes was disgusting and he should make a statement condemning their antisemtism and reiterate and remind people of the very postiive things he did for Jews and Israel while president (withdrew funding to univerities who didn't stop antisemtism, recognized Jerusalem as the capital, recognized the Golan Heights, withdrew funding for UNRWA because of Palestinians paying pensions to families of terrorists, etc.).

2. Be accurate re: Charlottesville. The "good people on both sides" was not about neo-Nazis but about the two sides protesting for keeping or removing the statue of Robert E. Lee. Trump reiterated that the next day when people were questioning him.

3. Anti-Palestinian prejudice??? For 70 years the Palestinians have had every opportunity to make peace with Israel and have rejected every opportunity. For them the 'Nakba' is what rules and only the takeover of Israel is good enough for them. The shift right in Israel is due only to Palestinians intransigence -- if they don't want peace with Israel, then Israel must do what's best for itself. If and when the Palestinians decide they want to live in their own country in peace next to Israel, they should explicity say so and it will happen.

4. Blacks make up 12.8% of the population and commit 55%+ of homicides, mostly against other blacks.. They also commit the most anti-Asia and anti-Semitic violent crime. So while white supremicist hate crime must be stopped, the bigger problem is being ignored. Where were black leaders in condemning Kanye West and Kyrie Irving???

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"We love persecution, it justifies offense - https://files.catbox.moe/qaz3op.png

Everyone knows and is sick and tired of it. We are warning our friends, neighbors, and local sheriffs, having church meetings over this. They will not cause another Russian Revolution (https://rense.com//general86/realholo.htm). There's simply not enough pilpulling out of the truth anymore, attacking with offense while pretending they are victims, even the boomers are catching on.

1918 Communist Revolution in Germany, it really was them all along - https://files.catbox.moe/vnnfzc.jpg, https://files.catbox.moe/mmx7f7.png

“Our messiah will not return until Europe and Christianity are destroyed” - https://files.catbox.moe/utm5jn.png

Who owned the sugar and cotton slave farms - https://files.catbox.moe/o30jxv.png and https://files.catbox.moe/ugrfzb.jpg

Who was really behind the African Slave trade - https://files.catbox.moe/ugrfzb.jpg, https://files.catbox.moe/6qg4fv.jpg,

All that time they blamed it on us when it was them


Calling Europeans and Christians "Amalek" - https://files.catbox.moe/mt71ca.jpg

Repent and turn to Jesus while there's still time to do so, it's unbelievable what they have done to us after we saved them in WW2, no thank you, no memorials to our soldiers who ran into the line of fire to fight and die for them.

Brother Augustine is an Ashkenazi like Bobby Fischer warning what's happening - https://files.catbox.moe/48x2w8.jpg

“My basic thesis is that the Jews are a criminal people, and the Jews completely control the United States, and the Jews are using the United States as a vehicle to take over the world.”

– Bobby Fischer

Jesus and many of us still offer grace, turn to Him while there's still time, this isn't about blind hatred, Brother Augustine is now my brother in Christ just like any other that turn to the Messiah: Romans Road - https://files.catbox.moe/i5cvlp.png

I wish they all could understand how frustrating it is for those of us who supported Israel in our churches all those years, we never hated you guys, it's ASTONISHING what's happened, our grandparents fought for you. - https://files.catbox.moe/jjo7iz.jpeg, and https://files.catbox.moe/w77y98.jpg not to mention the endless "my fellow whites" bashing us.

Yet we are still the "antisemites" It's simply astonishing, we tried to help them in the US for so many years and they turn on us.

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Look at hate crimes against Asian Americans. Disproportionately committed by blacks (the racial demographic least likely to vote Republican) and in liberal strongholds like New York and the Bay Area. If Trump is the prime motivator why are there aren't there more incidents in Texas or Florida?

Bigotry is on the rise because tribalism is on the rise, and political and class tribes are at least as significant at this point as the racial ones.

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In my humble opinion, individuals who advocate for the rights of Palestinian children to live free from harm are also advocates for Israeli children to live free from harm- they are two sides of the same coin- if not than they are active participant in fueling and infecting their own kind with prejudice and hate- spoiling the moral compass of their own kind and promising the ruin of society.

The core purpose of prejudice of any kind is to divide. Bigotry infects and tears apart communities and degrades the moral compass of societies. For example, racial prejudice in the US has evolved into a system to advantage one group over another based on race. This racialized construct is insidious. It is so deeply embedded within average American minds and society that is seriously alarming. It has disrupted social harmony and weakened the democratic character of the nation. The normalcy of prejudicial thoughts and expressions allows the growth of anti semitism, Islamophobia, anti immigrants, etc. ….. Reducing human beings to categories triggers complex irrational emotional responses that promote a host of cognitive and behavioral issues that many researchers have found toxic to the individual and his or her community. Understanding the infectious nature of bigotry of any kind should be a serious concern for sensible individuals who care about their own kiin and faith, and the future of the country they call home.

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Divide and conquer

S0r0S 1, Freedom and Liberty 0

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Thank you for this. I share the widespread fear right now about rising antisemitism, but I'm equally troubled by it being talked about by Jews largely in isolation as if it's not connected to bigotry against other marginalized groups who in many ways hold far less power than we do.

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Great stuff, as usual.

I hope you ask Tom Friedman whether he thinks it’s appropriate for a journalist of his stature and to smile for a selfie with Yishai Fleisher, and how that makes him look to advocates of Palestinian freedom.

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I fought so hard to reveal to those who were willing to take a chance on Trump, on who he was/is in 2015, when he took that tacky trip down his golden escalator in Trump Tower, announcing his run for the 2016 presidency. Knowing how he and his father literally killed many African American families in the 70s, by evicting them from their properties, putting them up in summer bungalows with no heat, during the winter months, should have been a very easy decision on how to cast one's vote...that is, if you're not a bigot.

So many love that "tough guy" facade, when those of us who actually know him, know him to be a coward. But, he's good at riling up the very illiterate in this country. The ones who are angry for their lives and misgivings, and need someone to blame. Those angry Americans refuse to educate themselves on WHY they are so bitter...so angry; instead look to the one who hates the same people as they do.

One could talk repeatedly on the topic of how anti-semitism has grown significantly in the days of Trump. He's given the uneducated a voice they've never had before. The Liberals...the "elites," (the right wing shout at us), believe we think we are better than they are...the uneducated. We are better. We believe in facts...we believe in truth. No one has to invest in higher education, if they would just do the work, which is free. None of the Trump supporters will look into any non-biased news forum. They look only to FOX, Newsmax, Washington Examiner, Breitbart...for their daily news fix. Nothing but propaganda. By influence, whomever or whatever, these supporters of Trump, glorify their hatred, and rely on it. It's what sustains them. Without it, their voices are silenced.

These "Trumpers" were just waiting for someone like him. This didn't begin in Charlottesville, when a Confederate Statue was going to be removed. Civil society had FINALLY realized, racism needed to be addressed, and defeated. Sadly, it took far too long to begin this progression. If this had occurred in the 60s...of course we'd still be fighting for equality, but it might have been more facile. Putting someone like Trump in office, just exacerbated bigotry and anti-semitism. And they grew...just like cockroaches breeding.

Doesn't "Ye" know he's a black man? Doesn't "Ye" understand Trump uses him as a tool? Trump doesn't care about West, anymore than he cares about his own children. If "Ye" can't help Trump, Trump will quickly dismiss him as another "N-word." Let's not forget the two page ad Trump took out in the New York Times advocating for the death penalty for the "Central Park Five"...with no retraction...with no apology, once they were proven to be innocent...and STILL believes they should receive the death penalty...for what? Being black? It's laughable...it's sick, and still Trumpism controls the Republican Party.

I'm getting off track just a bit here now, when it comes to the "Marriage Act"...I know Obergefell vs Hodges is regarding same sex marriage, but it appears Justice Clarence Thomas is interested in hearing case law on Loving vs Virginia, where the states won't recognize interracial marriage. Doesn't this black man realize he's married to a white woman? Or doesn't Thomas recognize he's a black man? Clarence Thomas is a black man, and his wife Virginia, is an insurrectionist.

POWER is a very greedy and STRONG DESIRE. I never realized it as I have in the past 8 years of my life. Money is nothing compared to POWER.

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AMEN! I had lunch with Thomas Friedman on Saturday in Ramallah. Friday should be an interesting conversation. Thanks Peter.

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Hi Mr. Bahour,

I recently had the chance to peruse ePalestine.ps where you blog. There I saw an October 28 pre-Israeli election congratulatory note from you to Bibi Netanyahu. Netanyahu did barely squeak by but I noted in your note your Palestinian negotiating stance:

1. Palestine from the River to the Sea OR a Palestine in the West Bank, including East Jerusalem and Gaza.

2. A right to return “home after 74 years” of the Palestinian refugees. In fact this is not so much a negotiating position this is a promise as you write further in this congratulatory note “you can open the door for them, or one day they will knock the doors down”.

3. You sign this as Sam Bahour 1 of Israel’s 14.3 million nightmares”.

What is the point of such a note? Is this designed to bring Israel, in this case Bibi, to the negotiating table? Why would you be surprised if Israel elected a government that will take the threat and promise “to knock the door down” seriously and look for ways to be rid of such a threat.

It begs the question of why bravado is the primary approach chosen by Palestinians.

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Thanks for reaching out. My intention was to show that continued ignoring of international law and common sense will catch up with Israel. The tone of the post you refer to emerged out of 74 years of dispossession and 55 years of military occupation; you can imagine, or maybe not, the accumulative feeling of that. For more writings, not posts, of mine, may I direct you to the tab "From Sam's Desk" at my blog, ePalestine.ps, which you have already found?

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I was sent this by a friend and found it most fitting to reiterate: ""In response to the 1982 Israeli invasion of Lebanon and its aftermath, (Edward) Said penned “Permission to Narrate” for the Journal of Palestine Studies in 1984. In it, he notes: “A disciplinary communications apparatus exists in the West both for overlooking most of the basic things that might present Israel in a bad light and for punishing those who try to tell the truth.” In short, Said’s argument can be summed up as such: despite declassified archives, countless human rights reports, international organisation inquiries and both official and ethnographic accounts of Palestinian plight and dispossession from Nakba to diaspora and from Nakba to military occupation, the Palestinians have been denied the right to narrate their own stories." And I add--They have also been denied the privilege of speaking their truth.

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A new narration that is a MUST READ is this book by Fida Jiryis:


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I intend to periodically check your site and learn from it. While I understand your frustration, you must realize that Jews could easily respond that they too had 2,000 years to wait during which they were hunted down much of the time and then another 100 before achieving Israel.

I don’t know if you are familiar with Connor Cruise O’Brien; he was the Irish representative to the UN and sat between the Iraqi and Israeli representatives in the UN General Assembly and got an earful from both. It motivated him to write a book called The Siege. He spends a significant amount of time in the book discussing what kind of Arab leader might emerge that would cut through the hatred and penetrate the Siege mentality that now extends to both sides—such a leader would show up without a gun.

I am not a diplomat, just a student of history and by the way we do share some background—I was born in Israel/Palestine. I too had a successful software consulting firm in America and followed it with a non-profit effort in Cleantech. But I am convinced that if Palestinians want a state NOT a replacement state, it could be easily achieved as soon as a decision is made to renounce all violence and in fact disarm completely. Israel has developed a peerless expertise in war making, they are neophytes at making peace—your odds increase with the latter approach.

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You will see from my talks and writings that I promote non-violence resistance. Many issues in the conflict have been revealed over the last 7 decades, it's up to us to accept fact and the rules in today's world, the ultimate security strategy. I'll check out O’Brien, thanks for the referral.

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The onus is on the Palestinians. They must publicly state their desire for a side by side, non-militarized country, willing to live in peace with Israel. No more of the "right of return" nonsense, but an acknoledgement that the descendeants of refugess will live in the new state of Palestine, not in Israel. If and when a Palestinian leader announces this, acknowledging that times have changed since 1948 and 1967 and borders must reflect these changes (the Palestinians have only themselves for less land than they could have gotten at Camp David or Taba), there will be peace. But, if the Palestinians continue to push 'from the river to the sea', they will continue to live in this state as Israel and its neighbors move on.

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It really takes a new level of chutzpah for someone to think their opinion rises above facts and international law.

FACT: Palestinians formally recognized the State of Israel, back in 1993 (three decades ago!). Did Israel ever recognize Palestine yet?

INTL LAW: A refresher on refugees:


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Two comments, first Yair Lapid said in a famous speech this year in an international forum that antisemitism is simply racism like all racism in the world, and coming from him, from a Holocaust survivor family, it was seen as very important.

Second, re Soviet antisemitism, as a daughter of a Jew jailed as a “Zionist enemy of the people” in Communist Romania in 1960, rescued by American Jews, it has to be recognized that unprecedented equality rights at the same time existed and as individuals Jews flourished, really.

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Thank you for this thoughtful reflection on bigotry. The world will be a better place when folks open their eyes and their hearts.

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Thank you for this video Peter

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