Sitemap - 2021 - The Beinart Notebook

No Zoom Call this Friday, December 24

Why Donald Trump Doesn’t See American Jews as Americans

Professors Alan Johnson and Leila Farsakh on Whether Israel is a Settler-Colonial State

Are Zionists more antisemitic than anti-Zionists?

Trita Parsi on Who Killed the Iran Nuclear Deal

A Warning from the Solomon Islands

Representative Mark Pocan on What He Saw in Israel-Palestine

Visible and Invisible Violence

No Zoom Call this Friday

Biden Can’t Fight Climate Change and China at the Same Time

Moshe Halbertal and Omri Boehm on whether Israel can be both Jewish and Democratic

Overthrowing Democracy Requires Overthrowing Feminism

James Zogby on the Collapse of Lebanon

Egypt Doesn’t Deserve US Aid

Susie Linfield on Analogies between Israel-Palestine and the United States

What the Media Doesn’t Tell You about American Foreign Policy

Yousef Munayyer and Rabbi Jill Jacobs on Zionism and the Left

Are Zionists Allowed on the American Left?

Matt Duss on the Israel Debate in Congress

The New War Hawks

Jafar Farah and Suha Salman Mousa on Israel’s Palestinian Citizens

When Bad Politics Happens to Good Policies

Omri Boehm on Zionism and Palestinian Equality

Woke Jews

Francis Fukuyama on The End of History and the End of American Dominance

A Season of Grief and Joy

Salem Barahmeh on the Young People Who are Transforming Palestinian Politics

Why Israel Supporters are Embracing Arab Autocrats

Spencer Ackerman on What, if Anything, Comes after “The War on Terror”

To Understand America’s Response to 9/11, Look at How America Changed Before 9/11

Ben Rhodes on Barack Obama, Joe Biden, the “War on Terror,” and the Blob

In its cold war with China, America is repeating the “war on terror’s” mistakes

Fredrik Logevall on How Historians Will View Afghanistan and the “War on Terror”

The End of an Era

Iyad El-Baghdadi on Identity, Islamism, and the Taliban

What Motivates Islamists?

When Will Americans Learn that Other Nations are Nationalistic Too?

Discussion: Wafic Faour and Hannah Rose on the Vermont activism that convinced Ben and Jerry’s to Divest

Seeing the Things in Front of Our Eyes

Discussion: Adam Serwer on Black-Jewish Relations and the Legacy of Donald Trump

The Double Standards Fallacy

Discussion: Sasha Polakow-Suransky on Israel, South Africa, and Apartheid

Israel’s Lunatic Response to Ben and Jerry’s

Discussion: Sam Bahour and Bernard Avishai on Confederation

I'll Make This One Short

Discussion: Joshua Cohen on the American Jewish Novel

Why I Debate People With Whom I Disagree

Discussion: Omar Barghouti on the BDS Movement at 16

The Four Questions that Explain American Jewish Attitudes Toward Israel

Reminder: Program Change and Dana El Kurd Tomorrow

Discussion: Dana El Kurd on the Uprising Against the Palestinian Authority

What Tucker Carlson’s Attack on America’s Top General Reveals about What Conservatives Really Believe

Discussion: Zack Beauchamp on Why Two States is Still the Best Solution in Israel-Palestine

Bernie Sanders Remembers

Discussion: Yehuda Kurtzer on what the American left gets wrong about Israel-Palestine

Benjamin Netanyahu, Father of our Illiberal Age

Reminder: Representative Betty McCollum on US aid to Israel

Discussion: Representative Betty McCollum on US aid to Israel

Americans are Growing More Critical of Israel. Washington May Not Care.

Discussion: Noam Chomsky on Israel, Palestine, Being Jewish, and Pursuing Justice

Will it Matter if Netanyahu Goes? For Jews, Yes. For Palestinians, No.

Discussion: Has US Media Coverage of Israel-Palestine Changed?

Progressives are Comparing Palestinians to Black Americans. That’s good

If Israel Eliminated Hamas, Nothing Fundamental Would Change

Discussion: Where will the Palestinian Uprising Lead?

Reminder: Expulsions Then and Now

Discussion: Expulsions Then and Now

The Wars Will End When Palestinians Can Return

Discussion: The Dark Legacy of Meir Kahane

It’s Easier to Avoid Culture Wars When You’re White and Male

Time Change: Why Human Rights Watch Accused Israel of “Apartheid”

Discussion: Why Human Rights Watch Accused Israel of “Apartheid”

Why Doesn’t Biden’s Democracy Agenda Include Palestinians?

Special guest today: Daniel Seidemann

Discussion: The End of the “War on Terror?"

Why Joe Biden Left Afghanistan

Discussion: What is Anti-Semitism?

Why Dov Hikind Thinks I’m “Pathetic” and “Sick.”

Discussion: What is Happening in Jordan?

What Tony Blinken Means When He Says Human Rights are “Back”

Discussion: The Biden Administration’s Strange Approach to Human Rights

Discussion: What Just Happened In Israel?

Stop Fueling Panic About China

Discussion: Will Israel’s elections matter?

For better and worse, Biden is our LBJ

Discussion: Why Isn’t Biden as Progressive on Foreign Policy as on Domestic Policy?

American Exceptionalism as Magical Thinking

Discussion: Understanding Palestinian Politics

Want to Fight “Cancel Culture?” Start with the Israel Debate

Discussion: Inside AIPAC

Is America Back? Should It Be?

Discussion: Are Sanctions a Weapon of War?

Bull in a China Shop

Discussion: The International Criminal Court and Israel [corrected date]

Discussion: The International Criminal Court and Israel

Why Matt Duss Matters

Discussion: What does it mean for America to support human rights?

Human Rights Starts at Home

Discussion: Why Republicans Still Fear Trump

Why Rob Malley Matters

Discussion: The Biden Era

Who Really Supports Nonviolence?

Discussion: The Uighurs

The End of the Trump Era?

The Parable of Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz

Discussion: Mob Rule

Dual Vision

American Democracy Has Never Been Secure