Sitemap - 2022 - The Beinart Notebook

The Cancel Culture Right-Wingers Love

Dana El Kurd on the World Cup and the Abraham Accords

How the Conservative Media Fuels White Supremacy


Thomas Friedman on Zionism, the Two State Solution and Israel’s New Government

Antisemitism is Rising because Bigotry is Rising

Marc Lamont Hill on Kanye West, Kyrie Irving, and Dave Chappelle

The Consequences of Ignoring Palestinians

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The Tragedy of Nancy Pelosi

Maggie Haberman on Donald Trump and the Jews

And We Are Not Saved

Raef Zreik and Avrum Burg on the New Israeli Right

Why the Israeli Right is Different

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Behind the Recent Rise in Antisemitism You’ll Find Donald Trump

Joshua Leifer on Itamar Ben-Gvir

How the American Jewish Establishment Will Justify Itamar Ben-Gvir

Reza Aslan on the Uprising in Iran

Who Should We Trust to Support Freedom in Iran?

Rula Jebreal on the Return of Italian Fascism

Learning from Ukraine

Layla Al-Sheikh and Robi Damelin on Travelling Through the American South

What Jews Can Learn from the Story of Hagar

Khalil Shikaki on the Politics of a New Palestinian Generation

What George Orwell Can Teach Us About the Assault on Rashida Tlaib

Ramy Shaath on His 900 Days in Prison in Egypt

Why Are Conservatives Defending Schools that Don’t Teach English?

Why We’re Making this Video Free

If Americans Can’t Talk Honestly About the Queen We Can’t Talk Honestly About Ourselves

Ariel Koren on Google’s Relationship with the Israeli Military

Israel has a right to exist. Its political system does not.

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Graciela Mochkovsky on The Prophet of the Andes

Will The Real Populists Please Stand Up

Erik Skare on Palestinian Islamic Jihad

Lessons from Afghanistan a Year Later

Philip Gorski on Christian Nationalism

Why Are British Conservatives More Religiously Tolerant than American Ones?

Pratap Mehta on Hindu Nationalism

Would You Go to War So Nancy Pelosi Can Visit Taiwan?

Congressman Andy Levin on Being Under Assault from AIPAC

Understanding Christian Nationalism and Christian Zionism

Sara Yael Hirschhorn on what the American Left Doesn’t Understand about Israel-Palestine

The Fist-Bump isn’t the Problem

Jamelle Bouie on what American History Tells Us about Saving American Democracy

Making the Middle East Safe for Tyranny

Basel Adra and Oriel Eisner on the Impending Horror in Masafer Yatta

Preparing for the Worst

Sam and Nadine Bahour on the Palestinian Generation Gap

Lock Them Up

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Susan Neiman and Emily Dische-Becker on the Weaponization of Antisemitism in Germany

What Germans Owe Palestinians and Jews

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Antisemitism and Anti-Palestinianism in Germany

Jeremy Ben Ami on the New Electoral Battle over Israel

Biden Has No Right to Say America Will Go to War Over Taiwan

Bret Stephens on Israel’s Supporters and Its Critics

Is Denying the Nakba Antisemitism?

Jason Stanley on White Nationalism and the Buffalo Shooting

Why White Nationalism Requires Antisemitism

Noam Chomsky on The Responsibility of Intellectuals

Hubris, Analogy, and The War in Ukraine

Ishaan Tharoor on Ukraine and the Global South

Why is the ADL Equating Palestinian Rights with White Nationalism?

UN Special Rapporteur S. Michael Lynk on the United Nations, Israel-Palestine, and Apartheid

Two Ways of Seeing the Election in France

James McAuley on the Presidential Election in France

Will a Neo-Fascist Lead France?

Professor John Mearsheimer on Realism, Morality, and Ukraine

Is John Mearsheimer Right about Ukraine?

Former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert on Negotiation and War

How to Oppose Violence in Israel-Palestine

Professor Alia Malek on Syria as a Precedent for Ukraine

Why America’s Loudest anti-Ukrainian Voices are Right-Wing

Professor Greg Afinogenov on Russia, Zelensky, the American Left, and Ukrainian Jews

AIPAC’s Bet Against Democracy

Congressman Ro Khanna on Ukraine, Israel-Palestine and a Progressive Foreign Policy

What are the Sanctions on Russia Trying to Achieve?

Spencer Ackerman on Ukraine, the Blob, and the American Left

We Can Support Ukraine and Admit the Racism in US Foreign Policy At the Same Time

Ivan Krastev on Europe after the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Between Iraq and Ukraine: Progressive Foreign Policy in a Multipolar Age

Francis Fukuyama on the End of the Post-Cold War Era

Francis Fukuyama on Russia, Ukraine and the End of the Post-Cold War Age

Ahmad Samih Khalidi on the history of Palestinian nationalism

Why American Liberals Now Call Israel An Apartheid State

Philip Luther and Michael Koplow on Amnesty International, Israel and Apartheid

Biden’s CIA Director Doesn’t Believe Biden’s Story about Ukraine

Patrick Radden Keefe and Brendan O’Leary on Northern Ireland

Nationalism as Cancel Culture

Wajahat Ali on Antisemitism, Islamophobia and the Colleyville Synagogue Attack

America’s Generation Gap on Ukraine

Orly Noy and Rachel Shabi on Mizrahi Jews

America’s Delusions of Innocence Threaten the World

The Texas Synagogue Attack and the Duality of American Jewish Life

Thomas Wright and Anatol Lieven on the Ukraine Crisis

The Book of Exodus and The Case for Palestinian Refugee Return

How Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger Changed His Mind

2021: The Year Palestinians Entered America’s Debate over Israel-Palestine